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How to use the app

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Step 1

Create and view Account


On the main menu select ‘ACCOUNT’

On the Login screen, select ‘SIGN UP’ to create a new account, or you can ‘LOGIN’ using your User ID or Email ID

During sign up
  1. Select Individual / Business Entity
  2. Create your own permanent User ID
  3. Enter your email address

‘SUBMIT’ the account request.

Login using ‘UserID’ or ‘EmailID’ to see your Account profile and ‘DEAL DASHBOARD’

Step 2

Create a deal

‘The Initiator’ is the person who is documenting a new deal and creating the deal using BEE Contracts app


The Initiator will LOGIN
  • The Deal Dashboard organises your existing deals by Client role or Service Provider role

To create a new deal click the dropdown menu “SELECT ROLE TYPE”
  • Select your role: CLIENT / SERVICE PROVIDER
  • Click ‘Create deal’

The DEAL DETAILS screen becomes visible:
  • enter email ID of the other party to the deal and PRESS TAB to next field:
  • if the other person has an account their Name will be system-entered;
  • if the other person does NOT have an account they will be sent an account invite to the email ID entered.
  • Wait until other person account Name is fetched from database and system-entered;
  • Enter Deal Name; Set Start Date; set End date
  • Save this section to create the deal with a unique ID.

Step 3

Complete the deal offer


ENTER, EDIT,  SAVE information in all of the following sections:
  • Work details
  • Scope of work
  • Costs
  • Payment schedule

VIEW these sections
  • Legal Terms
  • Comments

REFRESH page and click SUBMIT.

Step 4

The other party, The Respondent, can respond to the offer of a deal by Accepting or Commenting


Respondent to Login, view Deal Dashboard, and select the relevant deal

Review all sections in turn and agree Legal terms

Click ACCEPT if happy with all deal offer contents. This is the deal sign-off.
  • If Changes need to be made:
    • Click COMMENTS and send revision requests to the Initiator
    • Repeat steps 3 and 4.

Step 5

Deal Completion


As work progresses to its conclusion The Initiator can record payments made from CLIENT to SERVICE PROVIDER.

When full payment is recorded the deal is marked COMPLETED.


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