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We will;
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We kick off in this Issue by looking at building & construction.
These are challenging times for trades, and the building & construction industry has been hardly hit. From rising prices of materials, shortage in supply, skills shortage in many areas of construction and evolving smart technology and new building safety legislation which means that trades people are required to upskill in order to compete and win projects, adopt sustainable practices at the same time as the cost-of-living crisis is impacting on personal finances and livelihoods.

Be Compliant – Are you aware of new legislation to improve Building Safety?

A key piece of legislation, the Building Safety Act 2022 has been introduced to create greater accountability and responsibility for fire and structural safety issues throughout the life cycle of buildings.

The Act introduces a new potential right of action against any person who takes on work in relation to any part of a dwelling, with renewed focus placed on the duty to ensure that any work done utilizes the correct materials and is done in a professional manner.

Plan ahead by knowing your Industry Trends

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) predicts that almost 225,000 extra construction workers may be needed between now and 2027.Worker shortages are already being flagged as a major reason for project delays.
The construction industry therefore needs to find ways to attract and retain skilled workers. Are you proactive in your recruitment process?
According to the CITB, supply chain issues that first presented as a result of the pandemic and the 2021 Suez blockage have persisted due to the war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia, leading to delays on existing projects particularly in terms of logistics, infrastructure and the availability and cost of critical materials such as steel, iron, nickel, chemical products and timber.
These factors, as well as the former high level of dependency on Russian gas and oil, have led to increases in energy prices.
Industry predictions are that over the next year, prices for raw materials and fuel are likely to continue to be above pre-pandemic levels. However, issues with labour availability and resulting project delays are expected to continue as contractors fight to clear backlogs.

The move towards Sustainable Construction

The construction industry has a major impact on the environment, and therefore has a huge part to play in climate change. It is responsible for around almost half of global emissions and materials footprints. According to ‘Construction Journal’ there is increasing attention being paid to sustainability and environmental, social and governance considerations in the industry, with increased emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency materials and construction.
This presents both an opportunity and a challenge for construction firms over the coming years, as they will need to be proactive in their approach, adopting more use of more low-emission materials, and in construction methods and designs, reducing and eliminating carbon in the supply chain as well as exploring more sustainable and renewable materials.

Help for Employers / Tradespeople

Get help to develop your workforce and maintain industry standards.
The Construction and Industry Training Board – CITB offers a range of training courses and grants to support the development of skills and knowledge in the workplace. There are also some industry specific schemes which are worth exploring.

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