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About us

Turn Conversations into Revenue

Win new customers with the app that gives you the freedom choose who you make a deal with.

BEE Contracts has been inspired by our knowledge of the ease in which some unscrupulous tradespersons and individuals can exploit others, and the distress and financial loss that results. We were driven to address this imbalance for the benefit of both sides.

Easy Online access allows you to use the app face to face or in the comfort of your home. You can create a deal remotely, even where the other party is offline.
BEE Contracts is simple and easy to use. Simply log in and register. Use the online form to initiate an enquiry with a Tradesperson or supplier of your choice. Provide your detailed requirements and start the process with your preferred tradesperson or supplier. Negotiate and amend your requirement details several times as necessary.
BEE Contracts is an innovative online application for anyone working in trades and skilled work, and those wanting works carried out. Its aim is to bring parties together through negotiation, simplify the process, avoid delay, and increase satisfaction with the result.


We are committed to providing equal access and support to customers and suppliers, resulting in the creation of the BEE Contracts app.

The app simultaneously assists suppliers by facilitating and simplifying the process whereby works are agreed and provided, through a two-way working relationship.

The app seeks to support businesses transformation, in recognising the changing need of businesses to respond effectively to customer needs, made more prominent since the pandemic its impact and customers’ changing perceptions on life.

BEE Contracts can help you;

Develop and change your outlook and approach
Deliver novel solutions
Meet unmet needs
Offer adaptability
Stay relevant


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